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Celebrating International Women's Day!
8 March 2022

Today we celebrate International Women's Day! We wanted to raise the voices of women in endoscopy and who better than our very own, Dr Phedra Dodds, clinical lead for JETS Workforce. Here is a little message from her:

"2022 for me marks 25 years as a nurse, 20 years as a clinical endoscopist, and 10 years as a consultant nurse and I wonder how I've managed to stay the course - build a career, study and have a family. I think the simple answer is by having the support from my colleagues in endoscopy, being enabled to grow and explore the opportunities and having a collegiate peer group. The community in endoscopy is peppered with excellent leaders, inspiring pioneers and generous people with a genuine interest in making things better for people and services. It is these people that have changed and developed me - whether by listening to them at the BSG, working alongside them or being their apprentice. So for my next decade in endoscopy, I'm going to try to do this for others and give back what I have gained."

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