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Endoscopy-specific safety attitudes questionnaire (ENDO-SAQ)
18 May 2021

Calling all endoscopy workforce in UK and Ireland

Patient safety in endoscopy has become increasingly paramount in recent years as our services expand. The JAG Safety strategy aims to understand and develop various aspects of endoscopy safety.

One area of interest is safety culture. In other aspects of healthcare, there are known associations between safety culture and patient outcomes. This is an area that is not very well understood in endoscopy. 

We have developed the Endo-SAQ, which is an endoscopy-specific safety attitudes questionnaire. We want to understand the current culture of patient safety across all endoscopy units from the staff perspective. If you are an endoscopist, endoscopy nurse, endoscopy assistant, trainee endoscopist, administrator, decontamination assistant or any other endoscopy staff member, we would be grateful if you could complete a short 7 minute survey. 

Your input is vital in understanding current safety attitudes in endoscopy across the UK and Ireland. There is the chance to win 25 x £25 vouchers  if you participate! To access the survey please follow this link and help us spread the word!

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