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HEE Clinical Endoscopist Training Programme
21 July 2022

Enrolment is open until 5 August 2022

Health Education England (HEE) is offering students and endoscopy services a flexible way to train healthcare professionals to perform safe endoscopic procedures in 2022.


GI endoscopic procedures, traditionally carried out by doctors, are being performed increasingly by nurses and other non-medical registered practitioners, known as clinical endoscopists (CEs) or previously known as non-medical endoscopists (NMEs). To support regional endoscopy recovery plans, HEE works with senior medical and clinical endoscopists, the Joint Advisory Group in GI Endoscopy (JAG), Liverpool John Moores University and Birmingham City University to deliver this comprehensive programme.

The Clinical Endoscopist Training Programme consists of two fully funded programmes, a 30-week Upper GI Endoscopy and Introduction to Lower GI programme and a 40-week Progression to Colonoscopy Training programme. All academic elements are delivered online with minimal contact days away from trusts.

 The start date for the Upper GI Endoscopy programme is 7 September 2022, and the start date for the Lower GI and Progression to Colonoscopy programme is 19 September 2022. Please note that places are limited for the Lower GI and Progression to Colonoscopy programme. Expressions of interest should be submitted by Friday 5th August 2022 using the online application form.

For more information, please visit the Clinical Endoscopist Training Programme webpage. If you still have questions, please email HEE here.

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