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Journey towards a greener endoscopy service- Sulis Hospital Bath
7 November 2022

At JAG, we have been looking to hear about your journey towards a greener endoscopy service. This month we will be featuring the endoscopy team at Sulis Bath Hospital.

Sulis Bath Hospital endoscopy team are a small team consisting of four registered nurses, two health care assistants, one administrator, and one decontamination technician. The services they offer are Gastroenterology, Colorectal, Urology and Cardiology procedures. They are a self-contained unit, managing patients from admission all the way through to discharge. 

Health care assistant, Rasa Errington, said “Our team are all very close, share the same enthusiasm, and are willing to make changes regarding a more environmentally friendly endoscopy service.

I have done a great deal of research and brought new ideas to the team. They have all worked hard at implementing a change of mindset. This was brought to our quarterly Endoscopy User Group meeting and has now been recognised by senior members as a great change!

As a health care assistant (HCA), I have taken on this role as I noticed that we could do more to make our department eco-friendlier. I am proud to say that with the changes of mindset, we are now recycling around three times more and incinerating an awful lot less, which is great for the environment!”  

Below are some pictures of the Sulis Bath endoscopy team.



At JAG, we look forward to hearing more about their green endoscopy journey. If you are interested in sharing your journey with us, get in touch via

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