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Recruitment now open for JAG Research Lead Position
5 August 2022

Applications now open

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) are accepting applications  for the Joint Advisory Group (JAG) Research Lead position. 

The RCP is a patient-centred and clinically led organisation whose core mission is to improve patient care and reduce illness. Our vision is for everyone to have the best possible health and healthcare.

JAG was established in 1994 in response to the expanding multidisciplinary nature of endoscopy. JAG now works across three main areas: endoscopy training, accreditation of endoscopy services and accreditation of screening endoscopists. JAG also spearheads improvement initiatives to drive up standards of care for patients.

JAG has ownership of several valuable datasets includes the National Endoscopy Database and JETS. Our vision is to maximise the potential of these rich and valuable datasets for the enhancement of endoscopy and the improvement of patient care.

More information on the research lead position can be found here:

JAG Research Lead

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