The standards

We successfully launched the updated GRS standards in April 2021 and non-accredited services in the UK will have completed the April GRS census based on the updated standards.

Following this, all services moved to the updated 2021 standards on 1 October 2021. For more details on this transition, please read the following guidance.

The standards are simplified and less time consuming for services. We hope this will be an easier process for your service moving forward.


The aim of the JAG accreditation standards is to define a high-quality, safe and appropriate endoscopy service, delivered by a highly-trained, highly-supported and highly-motivated workforce.

The standards were written in consultation with endoscopy services, and are underpinned by national policy. Endoscopy services are asked to provide evidence to support their application for accreditation and demonstrate compliance with the standards.


Divided into nineteen domains, the standards reflect the four core components of a high quality endoscopy service:

  • leadership and organisation,
  • safety,
  • comfort,
  • quality,
  • appropriateness,
  • results,
  • respect and dignity,
  • consent and patient information
  • patient environment and equipment,
  • access and booking
  • productivity,
  • aftercare,
  • patient involvement,
  • teamwork,
  • workforce delivery,
  • professional development.

Services that do not provide training in endoscopy – typically those in the non-acute sector – are assessed against only the relevant domains.

    The clinical quality domain encompasses the service’s role in safe, effective accurate diagnosis and treatment or ongoing management. This is achieved through clinical practices that are appropriate to the patient population; effective management of risk and emergencies; and the review of existing and new clinical practice to develop and improve the service.

    The quality of the patient experience domain encompasses the service’s role in providing efficient, dignified and equitable access for all patients as well as their discharge from the endoscopy unit.

    The workforce domain encompasses the service’s role in safe, effective training and support of staff. This is achieved through leadership, service management and training practices that are appropriate to the workforce’s needs.

    The training domain encompasses the service’s role in safe, effective training of trainee endoscopists. This is achieved through leadership and training practices that are appropriate to the trainees’ needs.

For further information on the standards, please refer to the standards document.

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